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when i awoke this morning to baby hawke grunting in his bassinet for some nourishment from me, i picked him up, gave him some morning kisses and let him latch on. then i grabbed for blackberry, so i could get my morning blog readings underway. first dear baby, then silver spoon, paper plates, and then not mommy of the year and what i discovered was that there is a party going on, a blog party (!) and i want to join the fun!

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

my name is sutton, like “button” with an “s”. i heart colorado, screened in porches, sunny days outside, rainy days inside, milk, live music, being alone in nature, traveling, being in love, the california & oregon coast, good friends, my mom, frozen mimosas, boykin spaniels, my morning jacket, chess pie, laughing, the pacific coast highway, seeing things with simple beauty, camping, hiking, swimming, getting lost in the music, planning events, dancing, really cold hi-c orange, made from scratch mashed potatoes, symmetry, big skies, anything organic, and paisleys. i believe in the light within us all, the power of the human spirit, creativity breeds genius, karma, manifesting my own reality, the net will appear if you take the leap, that our essence is love (all else is an illusion), any kindness helps, and that good will always overcome the bad (eventually)

my life is a work in progress and so am i. life is about living, learning, applying what you’ve learned to improve the living, letting go, and forgiving. i’ve learned you can either follow your head or your heart, either is fine as long as its “you” your following and no one else! its all one big adventure- sometimes its full of light and sometimes it can be filled with the dark, but youve always got to go towards the light.

i started blogging in september of 2007, just a few months after i moved from the southern city of savannah to the middle of the country in denver. i traded the beach for the rocky mountains. my first post was titled, “i begin now, today,” and i did. the girl i was then and the mother, wife, and woman i am now are one in the same. i still have a strong case of wanderlust, but now i am eagerly awaiting the time to come when i can wander the globe with my husband and our son, hawke. i look forward to his first camping trip, the first time he sees the ocean, and the first time he sees fireworks. i still have a passion for seeing live music, but now i am teaching hawke the classics like cat stevens, led zeppelin, simon & garfunkel (who he will see live in april at jazzfest in new orleans w/ protective ear covers that i’ve already purchased), the beatles, the grateful dead, stevie wonder, neil young, van morrison, and crosby, stills and nash; along with his father and i’s favorites like widespread panic, phish (he will be seeing them in telluride at the end of the summer), my morning jacket, the shins, boombox, steely dan, beck and so many more.

i am most definitely still the girl that took a chance by leaving her southern roots for the west in search of fulfillment, adventure, and love. i’ve found fulfillment in many forms– owning a creative & successful business with my husband and friend, loving and being loved by an amazing man, and as of this winter becoming a mother. everyday is a new adventure filled with an abundance of love and joy. i was and am still on the road less traveled and this little blog is filled with inspiration, wit, and wisdom of my journey. so pull up a chair, pour yourself a mimosa, enjoy the spring breeze and join me!

me doing cartwheels on the beach

my husband (then boyfriend) and a painting we did at a music festival

my husband and i the night before our wedding

i’ve got two little men now: samson (the brown one) and hawke (the sleeping one)

remember… “People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in their true beauty is revealed only if there is light from within.” ~Elisabeth Kübler-Ross.

and prizes i like, should i be chosen: #7, #10, #11, #25(!!!), #57, USC #5


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