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i’ve written and erased and rewritten this blog post a few times but cant come up with anything quality enough to explain my love for yusuf islam’s new album, roadsinger (yusuf islam=cat stevens)

so, im going to leave it to this promo video to explain it for me:

and the lyrics to one song from the album:

Welcome Home

Saw a sign on the path
‘All seekers this way’
A fairy sat and laughed
And threw a petal my way
As I neared the bridge
Two soldiers stood and stared,
“No one passes by us, but, hey!
You’re welcome here.”

Carried on down the road
To the marketplace
I was still alone
No one knew my face
Then a stranger sang
With voice like the wind
Then the hills began, to sing,
“Welcome in.”

Time rolls on, ain’t no good to sit and moan
Time rolls on, and so we travel on
Never did I imagine
What a dawn could be
Till I opened my eyes, to see
It was welcoming me

At the end of my days
On my way home
I paused a while to gaze
Upon the Sacred Stone
There it stood in the middle
Of the Holy Domain
Then the people came out to say,
“Welcome home, again!”

Time rolls on, and so we carry on
Time rolls on, ain’t no good to sit and moan
Time rolls on, and so we travel on
Time rolls on, ain’t no good to sit alone

and the official video for another song from the album:

Now…. go and listen to what is my favorite album of the year thus far.

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everyone has a different aproach to life, different ways to dealing with things, different tacts to obtaining their life’s goals and ambitions. i suppose i have a natural, go with the flow and most recently peacemaker approach to all things life. i went through some times in my life when i had a very negative, judging type mentality in dealing with things. i have since truly “woken up” to the beauty and blessing of what being positive, not losing faith, and shining my inner soul’s light can benefit not only myself but those around me and the world slowly.

“by improving yourself you improve the world” -unknown

“while we may not be able to control all that happens to us, we can control what happens inside of us” -benjamin franklin

having this sort of approach to life makes it, sometimes, difficult to relate and.or deal with people who harbor negativity and hostility within themselves- and in turn- makes it easier and more fulfilling when given the opportunity to work with/communicate with/come in contact with those who relate to the world with a sense of peace in their minds and hearts similar to my own. i find that those who feed off of hostility tend to eventually, down the road alienate themselves from those who “put up with” and.or contributed/ allowed said person to carry on with their unnecessary and hallowing approach to things. ive realized all things do come full circle– eventually. i can personally attest to the benefits of being able to just “let go” and “go with the flow” of life to my own sanity both mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. i dont intentionally mean to paint this fluffy cloud and frou frou picture of myself, but in contrast with the sort of people im currently attempting to make nice with despite their awful personal approaches to life that are simply not in line with i seem calm tempered and level headed. i find it truly despicable when human beings are unable to come together and support one another and their aspirations and hard work to achieve their own personal goals. they say “love is battlefield” but some people turn life into an unnecessary battlefield against one another. i wish human beings were able to respect, attempt to understand, and support one another rather than waste their precious time wreaking havoc with their words and actions in order to cause harm on others. we must learn to live, work, eat, play, love and enjoy life and all those in our lives.

“if you are not continuously loving everyone around you and continuously enjoying the here and now situations in your life, it means that your bio-computer has been operating from a “garbage type” programming. when you see yourself consciously an clearly, you realize that you are perfect– your only problem is to change some of the programming from which you are operating.”

“love everyone unconditionally– including yourself”

– both quoted from “handbook to higher consciousness” by ken keyes (my current reading material)

human beings are constantly battling for control- control over others, control over things they cannot and should not have control over. this need and desire for control must be reprogrammed into a need and desire for happiness and blessings for everyone. then, i believe, living and loving can occur side by side feeding off the light that shines with such emotions and light bursting actions backed by goodness and a willingness to accept life and enjoy it and LOVE it.

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I would like those taking the time to read my blog posts to take a look at the links I have provided… I just added a really great link to the Global Oneness Project.

Together we can and will change the world for the better!

  • We are responsible to each other, the earth, and future generations.
  • There are enough resources for us all, if we share.
  • Love, care and compassion have the power to transform the fabric of society.

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i loathe Fox News, as they have a bunch of puppets doing the news and passing their own* opinions on things as factual news. as if i need another reason not to watch or listen to their bullshit, i present to you reason #357 to not watch Fox News:


(video after the jump)

Fox News correspondent Liz Trotta said on air this weekend that she’d like to try and kill Barack Obama now that Hillary Clinton has wussed out on her comments about Obama’s impending, Robert Kennedy-style death. Trotta started to talk about the idea of an “Osama” assassination, then corrected herself, saying “Osama, Obama — well, both, if we could.” Then the former Washington Times bureau chief laughed like a brainwashed Moonie assassin. Trotta apologized in a later broadcast for her “lame attempt at humor,” adding, “it is a very colorful political season.” Immediately prior to the apology, Trotta had just spent a few minutes pontificating about Clinton on-camera again, because she isn’t fired, because Fox News stands behind their crazy talking heads. After the jump, a clip with both the assassination comment and the apology.

*master of the universe and controller of most media Americans take as truths, Mister Murdoch’s opinion

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can we say “sterilization”?


Women cited for letting 2-year-old smoke

Dumb mom! CLICK HERE to read the article accompanying this headline.

Women cited for letting 2-year-old smoke

Two women were arrested at a Greenfield Ponderosa restaurant after being accused of allowing a 2-year-old to smoke.

According to police:

The boy’s 26-year-old mother and 39-year-old aunt were eating at the restaurant last week when they held a cigarette up to the boy’s mouth and attempted to light it.

The aunt told police that the boy often says, “smoke, smoke,” and sometimes takes cigarettes out of a pack and puts them in his mouth.

The child had been saying “smoke, smoke” while the aunt was smoking in the restaurant, and she held her cigarette up to the child’s face. When she took it away, he continued to ask for a cigarette and grabbed one from a pack on the table.

When the child put the cigarette in his mouth, the aunt held up her lighter to light it, but the boy did not inhale the cigarette so it failed to light. During this time, the boy’s mother was paying for the food and when she returned to the table, he still had a cigarette in his mouth, and the two women began laughing.

An employee then came over to the table and told them to take the cigarette out of the boy’s mouth.

The boy’s mother said the child did this all the time, adding: “He can even light his own cigarettes.” The mother then asked the boy for a cigarette, which he pulled out of a pack and handed to his mother.

When the mother said “light, light” the child grabbed a lighter and handed it to his mother.

The aunt said she was concerned about the boy’s welfare because the child can say and do other inappropriate things, and believes he may have picked up on the drug activity his mother displays.

The aunt said the mother keeps a rolled up dollar bill in the bedroom, which the child plays with.

Any time the boy has the dollar bill he hold it up to his nose and says, “fix, fix” over and over again.

The Milwaukee County district attorney’s office did not charge the women with child abuse because there was no proof that the child was harmed or injured as a result of the incident.

The women were instead issued a citation for providing tobacco to an underage person.

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